Pokemon MMORPGs
List And reviews of Pokemon MMORPGs


PokeNet is a very good Pokemon MMORPG. one of the best in my opinion.
Graphic wise it looks a lot like the GBA games.
The combat is wonderfully detailed, though it is a shame you can’t use your keyboard for picking the attacks. (have to use your mouse)
the music is excellent it’s the music from the GBA games.
Honestly the only flaw it has at the moment is the movement system (its so slow!) but when the new update (Valiant Venonat) gets released this will be fixed!
A lot of the items from the GBA games are in this one as well. Berries, Potions, Repels, Antidotes, Escape ropes, obviously pokeballs too.

I recommend this one to everyone!
PokeNet Site


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